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February 7, 2017

Hi there! 👋

If you’re trying to get into tech and you belong to an under-represented group1, if you want help, I want to help. You can reach out to me via email at hello@cassie.nyc, or DM me on Twitter @cassie_moy.

You can ask me to:

1. Especially a group that I’m not a part of. Thinking of Tilde Ann Thurium’s fantastic essay, Coding Bootcamps and Emotional Labor, on structuring mentorship/sponsorship/advice as ally work:

… If you are part of any marginalized group I am not part of, and you want my advice or support, paying it forward is the least I can do. Structuring this work as ally work helps marginalized people set boundaries around emotional labor, and makes this problem scalable. Allies can, and should, be picking up the slack here.